You are currently viewing 4 Simple Tips will help you Rock & Roll on your next Job interview!

4 Simple Tips will help you Rock & Roll on your next Job interview!

Are you prepared to Rock & Roll on that Job Interview? Here are 4 simple Tips that will make you succeed! 

Ok, now you have that job interview… Boom! You are halfway to be part of that desired company and career path that you have meticulously chosen throughout the past few days or probably weeks. But after all this time and effort invested, are you really prepared to win that job? 

Even if you know that you are a good fit for the company, you may not be able to transmit that impression to the interviewer and in a matter of a few seconds, you could be disqualified! Believe me, after 20 years of setting up thousands of interviews, I know what it takes to rock & roll during an interview. The great news is that interviewing it’s a Skill, and it can be mastered!  

 These are the 4 interviewing Tips that will make you look like a Rock Star: 

Tip #1: Be prepared to answer this question: ‘’Why do you want to work for THIS company?’’. 

This question is the most common among most interviews and it could determine if you are a good fit for the role. This is where you should showcase your interest in their company and what are the next steps in your career with the opportunity.   

My advice to you is to investigate the following things: What does the company do? What is their mission? What types of products or services do they offer?  Who is their target market?  What is their company culture? Also, not to be left behind, be sure you research your interviewers, what they have worked on prior to this company, what are their interest, etc.  

In this way you will understand the company’s background and your interviewer. You’ll be able to better communicate your interests and strengths that matches with the company and help them understand why you would love to be part of their team.  

 Tip #2: Write down your top accomplishments the day before. 

Most interview typically start the same way, by asking about your previous experiences and what you were responsible for. This is your time to shine! In additional to your daily duties, you MUST highlight your achievements and what you are most proud of.  So, go to your resume and check your last 3 jobs, make sure you write down your best accomplishments and answer the following questions: What did you do? What were was challenging about it? What is it unique about your accomplishment? 

This will help you to remind yourself about the most successful things you did during your career, and you make sure you don’t skip any experiences that could be relevant to the company you are interviewing with.  

Tip #3: Ask Upfront what is the individual looking for. 

This one is the most important tip! It will allow you to create a better picture of the role and help you tie together why you are the best fit by choosing your accomplishments that matches their interests. 

Let me give you an example of the questions you can ask upfront:  

Company: “Please take a few minutes and walk me through your last couple jobs, what were you doing? ‘’  

You: Thanks ‘Name’, I am happy to.  I want to ensure I talk about the right experience and ultimately make sure I’m the right fit for the job, would you mind taking a minute to explain what is most important in this role?’’, ‘’What does it take for someone to be successful here?” 

Don’t hesitate to ask these questions, I guarantee you it will help you streamline the conversation and align yourself with their interests. 

 Tip #4: Ask at the end what they think about you. 

Most people will ask if you have any questions, YOU MUST ASK QUESTIONS. I encourage you ask anything related to the job, internal career paths and opportunities. But most importantly, you need to ask what they think about you! and If they have any reservations.  

This is another good example of how you can ask this: ‘’I think this job would be good for me, I think my experience would put me in a good position, but can I ask for our thoughts? Do you have any reservations about my ability to be successful in this role?’’ That’s your only chance to find out!   

These are the tips that I guarantee you will make a difference in your next job interview, this is your time to be a rock star and highlight the best part of you. Now, what else you are waiting for? Go research that company, write up your best accomplishments and be prepared to answer and ask the right questions.