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A wide Talent Pool​

With effective Diversity & Inclusion recruitment, your organization gets to consider all available candidates from a variety of backgrounds

Different Perspectives​

This sparks creativity and innovation by spotting new opportunities on daily duties. 

Enhanced collaboration ​

Improves the team processes and boosts group collaboration. 

Improved staff retention ​

Inclusive workplaces tend to have lower employee churn rates

How Does Cirrus Diversify your options?

We are a Woman-Owned Small business
This positions us to attract more women in the IT Market!

Gender friendly Job descriptions & Social media boosts
We use inclusive language on our job descriptions and process them through gender decoder software.

We offer career growth programs for all candidates
Our goal is to close the tech gap between minority and majority candidates by offering free training and certifications

We are Active in women job boards and women communities
We engage and post jobs to diverse user groups and communities

We highlight your company’s culture!
We highlight the diverse aspects of your company during our recruitment process

We actively post Diverse IT career content
Share mentorship tips and inspiring/impactfull stories and career trajectory for a wide community of candidates

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