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70% of employees with a Positive Onboarding Experience Remained with the company after 3 years

Embarking on a new career journey is a pivotal moment, where first impressions wield significant influence. Discover how a carefully structured onboarding process can revolutionize employee engagement and retention. Recent studies reveal that organizations investing in onboarding programs experience remarkable benefits, from lower turnover rates to higher employee engagement. Uncover the hidden factors behind these statistics and explore expert-recommended techniques for a transformative onboarding experience.
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How should you evaluate IT job tenures in 2023?

In a swiftly evolving tech landscape, the quest for adept IT Engineers intensifies. Unravel the secrets of evaluating job tenures to secure the ideal fit. Discover the nuances of integration timelines, generational shifts, and contextual factors. Embrace a holistic approach to unearth the perfect candidate, blending skills and commitment seamlessly.
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Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking for Career Progression

Understanding and addressing five psychological challenges that trap individuals in a cycle of negative thoughts can lead to a higher, more productive mindset, fostering clarity, focus, and self-belief essential for a thriving career. This article presents strategies to combat negativity, advocating for a positive outlook and self-compassion to overcome setbacks and achieve professional success. Influential figures in sports have integrated these strategies into their programs to meet their performance objectives.
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How mature is your AI / ML journey?

Embark on a transformative journey with our groundbreaking article on hiring AI/ML engineers and building an exceptional tech team. This engaging guide equips you with the knowledge to identify top talent. Join the revolution and unleash the potential of AI/ML in your organization today!
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Want to reduce IT turnover – hire the best candidate…not the best interviewer!

Are you tired of the constant cycle of hiring and turnover in the IT industry? Well, it's time to change your approach! This article reveals a game-changing secret: hire the best candidate, not the best interviewer. With sky-high turnover rates and the exorbitant costs of replacing employees, finding the right fit is crucial for long-term success. Discover five data-proven strategies that will revolutionize your hiring process.
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Maximize the Value of External Recruiters, Minimize the Cost

Finding the perfect Cloud engineer or architect for your organization can be a challenging and sometimes lengthy process. However, once you find that outstanding candidate, determining whether you can afford them can pose a tricky task. Understanding a fair budget for both parties is a key factor in retaining great talent.
Don't miss out on valuable resources, and make fair and informed decisions when it comes to budgeting for top talent.
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5 Key steps to determine the appropriate compensation range for Cloud Engineers in 2023​

Are you hiring a Cloud Engineer or Architect? Learn the 5 key steps to determine the appropriate compensation range for cloud professionals in 2023. Discover how to align your requirements with the market, focus on essential skills, and attract top talent with growth opportunities, culture, and leadership. Find out why involving your best employees in the interview process and maintaining a smooth flow can make a significant impact. Don't miss out on crucial factors that influence candidates' decision-making.
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“wrong” vs. “right staffing company”

Cloud is the technology of the future. How can I make this claim? Well, every tech giant on the globe has adopted the cloud already.
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Practical ways to structuring a Resume

In the long run, winning the job that you’re applying for is all that matters. The beauty of your resume is not as important as
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If Culture is so important in your next job, what is your plan to accurately assess a culture?

What a busy labor market!! This is the most ‘candidate driven’ market I have seen in my 20 years in the recruiting business. Thank goodness
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Top 5 things the best companies are doing to hire great Talent in this hot market

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’ve spent weeks trying to find that ‘perfect, candidate for your hiring manger, and then finally you do!
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4 Simple Tips will help you Rock & Roll on your next Job interview!

Are you prepared to Rock & Roll on that Job Interview? Here are 4 simple Tips that will make you succeed! Ok, now you have
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Ready for your next job? 5 Tips to help you chose the right recruiter

Are you tired of getting hit up by so many recruiting agencies that don’t even understand your career goals and specialties in Cloud technologies? If you are a Cloud or Data expert ready to
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Cloud Job Trends During COVID-19

While the US economy, along with the rest of the world is severely impacted by COVID-19, business at technology companies is holding its place –
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How’s Your Cloud Strategy Doing?

When it comes to cloud computing adoption, the numbers really speak for themselves: 96% of organizations already use some form of the cloud On average, businesses Read More »

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